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The Yoga Poster

The Yoga Poster - 24 in x 36 in

The Yoga Poster - 24 in x 36 in

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Yoga isn’t easily defined — there is so much history, so many types, and the concepts overlap — you really need a map to help you sort it out. We searched for a long time and didn’t find one, so we built it ourselves.

This 24 x 36 inch poster — printed with vegetable inks on 100% post-consumer waste, archival-quality paper at a wind-powered location in Portland, Oregon USA — is the first work of its kind to place the major concepts, types and history of yoga together in a single, visual overview of the practice.

The Yoga Poster features many aspects of yoga, including (but not limited to):
* Asana & the Gross Body
* Surya Namaskar (“Sun Salutation”)
* Meditation & the Subtle Body
* The Meaning of Om
* The philosophies of Dualism and Non-Dualism
* A timeline which depicts the major yogic texts and periods
* The eight limbs of yoga
* A sampling of modern yoga “styles”

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