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Maitri Verde

Aroma Blend Roll On - Mini

Aroma Blend Roll On - Mini

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Handmade on the central coast of California, Maitri Verde’s aromatherapy formulas are synergetic blends of high-quality essential oils. Each oil and its provider is hand-selected according to high standards of quality, potency, and sustainability. Every essential oil acts as an instrument in the orchestra of each formula and resonates with a particular emotional imbalance.

The mini roll-ons make lovely gifts and are beautifully packaged including a healing crystal and informational card. Select from aroma blends: Happiness, Tranquility or Confidence. 

Aromatherapy helps to achieve the desired therapeutic effect on the body-mind-soul-spirit level. Regular application topically or through direct inhalation raises your vibration, allows the body to manage stress successfully, and relax enough to allow access to emotional traumas hidden in the unconscious, stored in the body and cellular memory. By relaxing and easing the resistance, we make the first step into healing emotional and physical blockages and diseases.


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