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Mind and Body Wash Travel Size - 2.7 oz

Mind and Body Wash Travel Size - 2.7 oz

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Respect yourself with our naturally radical, certified organic, biodegradable soap designed to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.

100% natural scent: Cathedral Grove smells like jumping into a cool river, under a canopy of redwoods. Inspired by playing in the fog drenched forest ecosystems of Northern California, you'll get notes of coniferous needle, redwood sorrel, juniper, rhododendron, and damp earth.

Crafted for personal and planetary care.


Whether you're in an outdoor shower in the forest or a cramped city apartment, the products you shower with will invariably end up somewhere in our water table. We take biodegradability seriously to protect all of our precious ecosystems.

No New Plastic Bottles

We use 100% curb-side recycling to make our bottles. This bottle-to-bottle recycling program happens entirely within the state of California, meaning less carbon emissions, and more efficient use of the resources we already have. Recycling one ton of PET containers saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space!

Concentrated Formula

Our soap is extra concentrated, so just a dab will do you—meaning less packaging waste and CO2 emissions from shipping.


We've partnered with 80+ stores nation-wide to provide Mind and Body Wash refills. We also sell by the gallon, which saves on excess packaging and money.

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