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Metal Dream Box

Metal Dream Box

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Metal Dreamboxes are small, metal boxes inlaid with paper cardstock and solid hardwood Cherry and Walnut veneers. Wood colors and cardstock colors come assorted***. A “Legend of the Dreambox” is included inside each box.

The Legend of the Dreambox suggests writing down your fondest dream, greatest desire, or strongest wish on a small piece of paper, putting that paper in a dreambox and placing it beside your bed. Every evening as you retire and every morning as you rise, hold your dreambox and think on your dream. Believe with all your heart that it is so. Legend has, that if done faithfully.... your dream will come true.

(Size: approx. 21/8” in Diameter)


***Please write in order notes if you have a preferred color, and we can let you know if it's available!

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