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Golden Hour Hydrosol Toner - 3 oz

Golden Hour Hydrosol Toner - 3 oz

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Spraying these steam-distilled natural toners made from herbs and flowers onto your skin gently delivers nourishing plant molecules. This helps revive your skin and primes your pores to accept moisture from body and face oils.

Bather’s Tip: Hydrosols also make for a refreshing aromatherapy experience, especially on hot, sunny days by the water.

A blend to help tone and hydrate.

Neroli & Rose

Rose is known to provide relief for irritated skin, while Neroli is said to help improve skin elasticity.

Hydrosols and Aromatherapy

Beyond their benefits as natural skin toners, our hydrosols can help affect your mood through absorbing their beneficial plant materials.

Neroli & Rose is an uplifting and energizing blend. Smells like drifting on a canoe, through the sweet delicate winds of Spring.

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