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Earth Alchemy Oracle Cards

Earth Alchemy Oracle Cards

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Connect to the Magic of the Earth!

This powerful and beautiful deck is a portal to inner healing, love, and connection. The cards are full of activations, holding the keys to help you dive deeper to past lives, previous alchemic work, connection to the elementals, and inner earth.

There are 3 suits with 15 cards in each suit.  Each suit corresponds to a discovery and point of expansion in the card reading, guiding the reader to different elements of connection to the world around them.  The plants represent Growth, the flowers represent Discovery, and the Crystals represent Depth.

Accompanying the card deck is a booklet outlining how to perform the card reading and how to store the cards, along with an explanation of each suit and card within the suit.  There are guided readings within the booklet but also the invitation to let your intuition guide you.  Some of the plants and crystals may be new, others familiar - you can connect through the energies of the illustration and the lyrical writing.

Each colorful card is infused with many layers, each has its own perfect valid place within the deck.  Some of the cards will have structured ideas for ways to work with them, that the crystal or plant has communicated to Katie-Jane.  Sometimes simply the colors will speak to you; the key is to let your heart guide you and be free with it, releasing all expectations. 

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